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Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest thermostats have saved over 126 billion kWh of energy worldwide

These energy savings are calculated based on the typical percentage of heating and cooling savings found in real-world studies of the Nest Learning Thermostat. To calculate the total savings, we apply these savings percentages to the actual heating and cooling hours of all Nest thermostats.



There are a few things to know about installing the Nest Learning Thermostat before you go ahead and choose your installation.

Is my boiler compatible?

If you have a boiler from any one of the following it's likely to be compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat; Worcester,

Ideal, Vaillant, Gloworm, Baxi, 


If you have any doubts about this or any of these questions please get in touch via the details at bottom of page.

Boiler type?

Do you have a Combi Boiler?

If your hot water comes straight from the boiler and doesn't have a separate schedule you have a combi.

System Boiler?

If your hot water is stored in a separate tank and has its own schedule then you have a system.

Heating zones?

Many homes have multiple heating zones, if you have 2 or more traditional thermostats to achieve complete control over your homes heating you'll need to replace both.

There are circumstances where zones can be merged and controlled by a single smart thermostat, we can advise on this.

Wired or wireless?

Nests Learning Thermostat display has an internal battery that needs charging, ordinarily we repurpose the existing thermostat wiring.


If you have wireless thermostat/s you'll need a Nest stand which can be found in the accessories section of this site.

What makes a Nest thermostat?

Self-Learning: The Nest Learning Thermostat intelligently adjusts to your lifestyle, learning your habits and preferences to automatically program the optimal temperature settings.

Energy Saving: This smart device helps conserve energy by detecting when you're away and adjusting the temperature accordingly, reducing your home's energy consumption.

Remote Control: You can manage your home's temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or laptop, ensuring your home is comfortable before you even step through the door.

Unique Display and Design: The thermostat stands out with its distinctive display and sleek design. The UK version of the Pro Edition is available exclusively in a stylish Stainless Steel finish.

Extended Warranty: The standard 2-year manufacturer warranty is extended to 5 years when you purchase the Pro Edition and have it installed by our team, aligning with the 5-year warranty we provide for our labour.

Transform your home into a cozy energy-saving oasis this Autumn

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