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Meet the Google Nest 2nd Gen Display, your new buddy for a smarter and happier home! With its eye-catching design and vibrant screen, this little gem is more than just a pretty face. It's ready to play your favorite shows, help with video calls, and even double as a digital photo frame - talk about multitasking!


But wait, there’s more! Say “Hey Google,” and watch magic happen. From setting reminders to jamming out to your favorite tunes, Google Assistant is like your friendly genie in a bottle. The Nest is also the ultimate smart home maestro. Lights, camera, action! Control all your gadgets from this nifty screen.


So, why not invite the Google Nest 2nd Gen Display into your home? It's not just smart, it’s a delightful companion. For a home that’s both tech-savvy and full of charm, this is the buddy you’ve been waiting for. Cheers to a brighter, smarter, and friendlier living space!

Nest Hub - Installation

SKU: GN018
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