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Discover the future of home automation with the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. This smart device adjusts to your lifestyle by learning your habits and preferences, and self-programs to deliver the optimal temperature at all times. It goes a step further to conserve energy when you're away, striking a perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.


Stay in control from anywhere with the ease of using your phone, tablet, or laptop to regulate your home's temperature. With its distinctive display and unique features, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat isn't just another gadget, but a comprehensive home automation solution. Upgrade your home with this intelligent device that expertly marries convenience with sustainability.

Learning Thermostat Device

PriceFrom £219.00
    • Self-Learning: The Nest Learning Thermostat intelligently adjusts to your lifestyle, learning your habits and preferences to automatically program the optimal temperature settings.

    • Energy Saving: This smart device helps conserve energy by detecting when you're away and adjusting the temperature accordingly, reducing your home's energy consumption.

    • Remote Control: You can manage your home's temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or laptop, ensuring your home is comfortable before you even step through the door.

    • Unique Display and Design: The thermostat stands out with its distinctive display and sleek design. The UK version of the Pro Edition is available exclusively in a stylish Stainless Steel finish.

    • Extended Warranty: The standard 2-year manufacturer warranty is extended to 5 years when you purchase the Pro Edition and have it installed by our team, aligning with the 5-year warranty we provide for our labour.

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