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Another day, another camera that doesn't cut the mustard. But wait, the Nest Cam Outdoor saunters into the scene like that missing puzzle piece. Rain or shine, this little gem doesn’t bat an eyelid. It’s got your back, and your front garden, 24/7. With a weatherproof design that scoffs at the Great British weather, it sends crystal-clear live video straight to your mobile. Package delivery or a surprise visit from the in-laws – it catches it all.


Now, let’s chinwag about what puts the Nest Cam Outdoor on the map – brains, my friend. It's not just about peering through a lens; it’s about intelligent snooping. Nest Aware cloud recording is the bee's knees. It doesn’t just record; it's like that nosy neighbour that doesn’t miss a trick – minus the constant nattering. You won’t be swamped with notifications; it's got the smarts to tell you only what you need to know.


So, here’s the deal. Nest Cam Outdoor is like that rare breed of estate maintenance chap who’s got the gear and the idea, without the posh price tag. It's steadfast through hail or high water, and it’s clued up. You’re not just hanging a gizmo on your wall; you’re ushering in a guardian clad in top-drawer tech. It’s like your very own security butler – without the silver tray.

Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor)

PriceFrom £122.00
  • Are you going to need a longer power supply? It's not often there's an ideally place power socket a couple of feet from the  best camera mounting point so chances are yes you will. You have a couple of options, 5m and 10m, both weatherproof and in any colour as long as it's white. 

    You can find both in our accessories section, just add them to your basket.

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