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The Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm is like the dutiful guardian of your haven. With a voice as reassuring as a butler's, it alerts you before the toast can claim a pyrrhic victory. It’s got the keen eye of a detective, catching both the blazing and the smouldering with its Split-Spectrum Sensor.


And let’s not forget the genius in silencing alarms through your phone; it’s the height of civility.Now, how often have we been jolted awake by the irksome chirps of a smoke alarm’s low battery? Nest Protect bids adieu to such indignities. It’s the epitome of discretion, performing over 400 daily checks on its batteries and sensors. At night, a gentle green glow, the “Nightly Promise”, ensures sweet, uninterrupted dreams.


Here’s the coup de grâce: Nest Protect is not just brains; it’s got the grace. With Steam Check, gone are the days of alarms mistaking your steamy shower for a five-alarm fire.


And its illustrious light ring? A beacon in emergencies and a subtle guide in the dark. In a nutshell, Nest Protect is not just a smoke alarm; it's the quintessential steward of your home’s safety​

Nest Protect - Device

SKU: GN026
  • Our process is simple, arrive at the agreed time, perform a survey, install device and configure the app on your phone/tablet. It'll take 60-90mins per device and we'll make sure you're completely familiarised with the key functions before we leave.

  • We'll deliver your new device direct to you 3 days before install day.  If you're having multiple installs/devices we would usually send everything with our engineer, that way we don't need to charge delivery and it's less traffic on the roads, great for the environment and your travel time!

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